A dynamic platform
for crowd sourcing ideas

Percollab is a creative
methodology that allows
teams to share and engage
in the rich exchange of ideas.


  • Facilitates rich exchange of ideas
  • Easy to track and categorise contributions
  • Supports multi-media
  • Facilitates developing conversations through “talking heads” feature
  • Ability to create bespoke framework for discussion
  • Ability to generate useful demographical and statistical data


  • Exploring values and exchanging stories during projects of cultural change
  • A virtual community for consultation with real-time feedback on consultations and input
  • An educational tool promoting lateral thinking in the classroom
  • A real-time forum for disseminating insights from crucial research or learning
  • A highly navigable discussion forum
  • A sounding board for new ideas, products and polices
  • Highlight key phrases and words in the core text to contribute your thoughts, reflections and viewpoint

  • Link and highlight contributions to core text and share with ease.
    “like” feature, similar to social
    media, encourages feedback

  • Contribute words, images,
    music and video

“Creativity involves breaking out
of established patterns in order to
look at things in a different way.”

Edward de Bono
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